At Nebraska Gas Turbine Inc., our reputation for excellence in customer service is our legacy. We have built our reputation around our ability to help our customers with cost effective Turbine engine repair, maintenance management and overhaul solutions.
NGTI was founded in 1999 to meet a growing demand for gas turbine overhaul, repair and maintenance services. Since that time, NGTI has become a global provider of these services and has also expanded its abilities to provide engine system and service solutions for general aviation, industrial and military operations.

• Programs in place for the following gas turbine engines:
General Electric CT58-140, T58-100, T58-16A, T700, T701
Honeywell T53, T55, TF40, ETF40, TF50.
Rolls Royce RR M250 T63 Solar T62 APU


• Conformity to FAR 145 standards.
• Employ a uniquely qualified core of technical and inspection personnel who have combined gas turbine overhaul and inspection experience in excess of 60 years.
• Balancing is done in-house with state of the art American Hofmann equipment.
• Blade pinning.
• T53 Fuel Control shaft inspection for compliance with FAA AD 2006-11-16.
• T53 and T55 fuel control overhaul.
• Precision machining.
• T-53 air diffuser conversion 1-110-230-09 to 1-110-230-15.
• Engine Testing for:
GE T58 series and T700/701
Honeywell T53, T55, TF-40, ETF40  and TF50